The program is intended for restaurants, bars, fast-food outlets, nightclubs, etc. The System is designed for unlimited number of workplaces connected into a single network. The maximum number of workplaces is limited only by computer network capacity.


  • Maximum operating speed and simple customer service;
  • Minimum order processing and attendance management time. Orders printed by remote printers (in the bar, the kitchen);
  • Prevention of order calculation errors;
  • Retention and scan of operations of any level (sales, orders, cancellation, shift change, order transfer to another waiters and etc.);
  • Reliable protection against unauthorized use of the system (with the aid of modern identification facilities and restrictions of the access to the software);
  • Statistical sales and performance analysis;
  • Loyalty system: application of flexible loyalty system results in greater customer attraction and increase of turnover volume;

The UVS POSCafe software divides workplaces into 4 categories:

  • Cashier;
  • Waiter;
  • Barman;
  • Manager.
Note: workplaces are entered into one central computer (manager’s or administrator’s), and one of the selected categories is used as option.

A manager works with the restaurant control program, which key functions are as follows:

  • Formation of dishes;
  • Dish printing “transfer” to a kitchen or a bar;
  • Access levels administration (chief cashier, barman, waiter, room administrator, etc.);
  • Graphic design skins control;
  • "Hot keys", price, print size setting;
  • Formation of sets;
  • Assigning the status of unused to the dishes that are not temporarily cooked, etc.

A cashier, waiter and a barman work with POS software, which key function, depending on the access levels, are as follows:

  • Order recording;
  • Order transfer to the kitchen;
  • Printing of an advanced receipt;
  • Printing of fiscal receipt;
  • Acceptance of payment by credit card;
  • Close of a shift;
  • Printing of reports, etc.
Lai sniegtu Jums labāko tiešsaistes pakalpojumu mūsu mājas lapa izmanto sīkdatnes (cookies). Lietojot mūsu majas lapu, Jūs piekrītat sīkdatņu (cookies) lietošanai.