UVS WinFuelPetrol-station software

Today, the latest information technologies are increasingly taking over the world, you need a fast, durable and modern checkout system equipment, but no less important is the system software, which will manage it all. To meet today's requirements, we have developed a petrol station cash register software that will meet all your needs.

UVS WinFuel includes a graphic interface providing easy and handy use to the employees of petrol – station. It helps to reduce the time for employee training and the likelihood of operation errors.
The system configuration offers the option of work with the keyboard or the touch screen and in either case the software kits may be properly set with the view to ergonomic requirements.
UVS WinFuel manages the petrol-station equipment, such as fuel filling columns and tank volume metering systems of different types, and controls the shop stock movement, sales, settlement and other processes.

The system allows simultaneous operation of several cash registers at the filling station, which facilitates customer service since on the same cash register simultaneously there may be processed several receipts stored on the cash register list of receipts. You can also takeover receipts from one cash register and transfer it to another.

UVS WinFuel system responds effectively to any changes of fuel volumes in tanks and columns and ensures safe operation of petrol-station.


  • Apply discounts which may be specified both to single items and item groups. Discounts may be expressed in cents or percent;
  • Enter, edit or delete measure units;
  • Enter, correct, cancel, update, search or print invoices;
  • Generate and print various reports and documents based on user needs: receipts, collection and fuel delivery documents and shift accounts by specified periods or by cashiers;
  • Generate and print sheets of stock in highest demand and stock balance as well as accounts on applied discounts as well as stock sales, movement and revaluation for any specified period.

System software

  • OS: Windows embeded; Windos7; Windows 10
  • Database: MS SQL2005express or newer
  • Microsoft .NET Framework
Additional software
  • FuelStock - BackOffice
  • System monitoring
  • Data archiving
  • Centralized (Add, price change etc.) exchange


UVS WinFuel functional properties
  • Logging (password/card);
  • Sales of fuel and other stock;
  • Sales of electronic appliances;
  • Printing of VAT invoices;
  • Printing of X, Z accounts;
  • Printing of additional accounts;
  • Entering of customer particulars into receipts;
  • Takeover of receipt;
  • Simultaneous processing of several receipts;
  • Change, creation, editing and deleting of operators;
  • Replacement of operators within the same shift;
  • Change and takeover of shift;
  • Execution of fuel delivery procedure;
  • Allowed/disallowed filling prior to payment;
  • Test filling (technical check-up);
  • Change of language;
  • Change of graphic user interface;
  • Fuel sales prior to payment
  • Fuel sales after payment
  • Fuel sales by volume
  • Fuel sales by amount
  • Fuel sales by complete tanks
  • Filling interruption and accurate settlement with a customer
  • Stock identification by barcode
  • Stock identification by item code
  • Stock search by fragment
  • Mixed sales (fuel and other items)
  • Several fillings against a single receipt
  • Cancellation of receipt lines
  • Cancellation of receipt
  • Change of price for items on receipt (in case of discounts)
  • Application of discounts (in cents or percent)
  • Setting of fiscal parameters
  • Cash
  • Payment cards (magnetic, chip cards)
  • Loyalty, discount, customer payment cards
  • Coupons, gift certificates
  • Settlement by collected points
  • Foreign currency
  • Credit section
  • Prepayment
  • Mixed settlement (cash + coupon + card and other options).
  • Interim day (X) report
  • Fiscal day (Z) report
  • Receipt proof tape report
  • Report of journal proof tape with goods items
  • Fiscal report with several Z’s (ZZ)
  • Complete fiscal report with several Z’s (ZZ)
  • Fiscal report for a specified period (DD)
  • Shift report (by specifying the shift number)
  • Fuel report(by specifying the shift number)
Fuel management:
  • Fuel delivery
  • Connection and management of fuel filling columns following the protocols: Zap Petro, Adast, Tokheim, Scheidt&Bachmann, Tankanlagen, Salzkotten, Wayne Dresser, Instrumentoiry, Nuovo Pignone, Schlumberger, Gilbarco, Bench, Petrolmechanica, FAS, Autotank
  • Fuel gun stopping
  • Fuel gun blocking
  • Fuel column blocking
  • Fuel tank blocking
  • Test filling (technical check-up);
  • Recording of unpaid fuel (in case of theft)
  • Allowed/disallowed filling prior to payment
  • Setting of limits on filling prior to payment
  • Connection of tank volume metering equipment: Petro Vend, Enraf, Hectronic, Veeder-Root;
  • Messages on tank volume changes
Additional functions
  • Interconnection of several cash register systems in one sales spot
  • Suspension of fillings into the list of fillings prior to payment (before entering into receipt)
  • Suspension of receipt (in case the customer forgets to take the purchased item)
  • Receipt activation (if it was suspended due to fiscal unit errors)
  • Takeover of receipt from any cash register
  • Possibility to enter several fillings into a single receipt
  • Possibility to export accounts to different programs
  • Regular interface with different accounting systems
  • Periodical data recording on hard drive
  • Storage of many languages – easy translation into other languages
  • Automatic transfer and identification of versions
  • Fiscal settings: receipt header/footer, time, payments.

Customer support

We do our best, to make our customers satisfied. Service department ensures full customer support 7 days a week. According to customer needs, we have created a service department and the vehicle fleet, to ensure the rapid service throughout the Latvian territory.

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Pump support

Integrated with following protocols:

Zap Petro, Adast, Tokheim, Scheidt&Bachmann, Tankanlagen, Salzkotten, Wayne Dresser, Instrumentoiry, Nuovo Pignone, Schlumberger, Gilbarco, Bench, Petrolmechanica, FAS, Autotank

Tank equipment

Connection of tank volume metering equipment:

Petro Vend, Enraf, Hectronic, Veeder-Root

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