POS data backup and storage

Legal requirements:

Hybrid cash registers and POS systems should have backup copies. Backup data shall include a full set of information and possibility to restore it on registered software (- software provided to State Revenue Service at POS system or hybrid cash register registration) to have fully operational hybrid cash register or POS system, with the data, for which the particular backup set was created.

Cabinet of Ministers regulation No.95

Backup date should be crated for:
  • Collected data (electronic control tape, control data, system event data – logs);
  • Additional software, used in POS , but which is not registered POS software (sale management, report generation and others), features which are not directly related to the cash register operations, but are necessary for the user to manage the sales process (accounting software and stock keeping software);
  • Database or data copies, which correspond to additional POS software and registered POS software databases and configuration files;
Backup set for the collected data shall be created at least once in 24 hours after the generation of the daily (periodic) financial Z report.
Additional Backup set shall be created for the following:
  • Software or a new software version (if installed) which corresponds as additional POS software, and within one week of its installation. Backup copy shall be created once so that the backup copy can be used to restore the performance of the particular software (and the respective version);
  • Database or data copies, which correspond to additional software and registered software data bases and parameters, in accordance with the procedure determined by the user, but not less frequently than once in three months.
Backup sets shall be stored:
  • For three years;
  • Outside of hybrid cash register or POS system in non-volatile data media located in Latvia, backups can be stored in data server centers located in Latvia.

To fit legal requirements Cabinet of Ministers regulation No.95 "Regulation on the technical requirements for electronic devices and equipment registering taxes and other payments" we have created a special software solution and data center to make and store all data backups required by regulation.

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